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CPHCRIN’s current programs include:


The QUALICOPC study is an initiative led by the European Union and coordinated by Nivel (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research). The study involves 31 European countries, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, and now Canada. In the spring of 2012 CPHCRIN took the coordinating role for the cross-jurisdictional efforts related to the Canadian arm of the study. The QUALICOPC study aims to measure and compare the quality, equity, and cost of primary care systems. A Canadian arm of the study will fill a gap in knowledge by establishing a benchmark for performance related to the quality of primary care in Canada. All 10 Canadian provinces will identify all primary care practices in their province and randomly select between 75 to 200 practices to receive an invitation to participate. Surveys will be distributed to practice representatives and family physicians and between 750 and 2200 patients will complete a survey outlining their experiences and values as they relate to their primary care. The data collected will be comparable between provinces and around the world allowing Canada to compare its performance and identify ways to improve the quality of primary care in Canada. The QUALICOPC Working Group is co-chaired by Dr. Walter Wodchis (University of Toronto) and Dr. Jean-Frédéric Lévesque (Université de Montréal) and includes a researcher, and in many cases a decision maker, from each participating province.

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