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Our Goals


The researchers and stakeholders comprising the CPHCRIN have come together to facilitate the creation, translation, and scale-up of knowledge of Community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care in Canada. We help connect medical needs to providers that can directly impact those needs in positive way . We provide quality referrals to uniquely qualified medical establishments. We ensure quality medical treatments for those that require it .

CPHCRIN is a research network whose vision and operations are formed by an inclusive approach to research to improve performance and capacity in CBPHC. CPHCRIN envisions becoming a network of networks guided by the following six principles:


Comprehensive reach

Sustainable Infrastructure

Capacity building

Partnerships and participation

Knowledge translation


The Canadian Primary Health Care Research and Innovation Network (CPHCRIN) Strategy Document is a working document whose purpose is to promote discussion about the purpose and activities of the Network, and to prepare CPHCRIN for the CIHR call for applications to form a Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Network for Community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) in Canada. The document is sponsored by the CPHCRIN Executive Committee—Dr. William Hogg, Dr. Marshall Godwin, Dr. Richard Birtwhistle, Dr. Janusz Kaczorowski, Dr. Lisa Dolovich, and Dr. Sabrina Wong—with the assistance of Dr. James Conklin, and with suggestions and contributions from the CPHCRIN’s Strategy Working Group and other Network members.

The Strategy Document is now available for members to review! Simply login, or register, above and visit the members area to access the full version.